Our products enable our customers to acquire consumer data for marketing.

What we do

GDPR ready data gives your business the confidence that the marketing data that you acquire is fit for purpose and is being processed lawfully.

Our proprietary products; Collect, Continue, Capture and Trace allow you to plug and play, helping brands or businesses connect with thousands of consumers every single day using the correct consent for third party marketing.

Our Data Contributor Network gives you access to millions of website visitors who have given their consent for third party marketing through our Continue product.
Our customers can include their brands in the Privacy Notice of the Network Partners websites using our product Collect and acquire thousands of consumer contact records every day.

Our product, Capture, allows our customers to assign new marketing consent based on a consumer opt-in and to enhance their existing customer database with new insights that we can append from our own database and other databases.

Our Trace product allows our customers to find people who they have lost contact with. This can be for identifying an individual who is a beneficiary or for identifying an individual who is required to repay a debt.

    What we offer

  • GDPR ready consumer marketing solutions
  • Telephone, postal and email data for consumer marketing
  • Daily, weekly or monthly batched data feeds
  • Verified and validated data in one consistent format
  • A consumer facing marketing preference dashboard
  • Online consumer data count and export tools
  • Licenced In-house data processing solutions
  • GDPR compliant Client processing agreements
  • Proprietary software solutions for data management

How it works

Visitors to our Network Partner’s websites give their consent for third party marketing.

The data is validated through our processing routines including PAF, TPS, MPS, HLR and disconnect.

Targeted customer acquisition data is delivered to our customers for their marketing campaigns.

Our Network Partners

Our Network Partner websites receive millions of visitors every month. When a visitor chooses to give consent for third party marketing we receive their data. The information we receive can include name, address, age, gender, contact details and other insights such as employment status, pension status, homeowner status, marital status, number of dependants and the type of device they used to register, e.g. Desktop, iOS or Android.

In addition to this transactional information we can add information such as who they bank with, how energy efficient their home is, if they are currently looking to move home and other social insights such as which football team they support or which brands they like.

A typical consumer on our database has registered with a lifestyle website to receive information about a product or service, has entered a competition, submitted a request for a quote or made an application for a loan.

Data transfer and processing

If you work with an internal Marketing Team, or have your own marketing solutions such as an email delivery platform or call centre, we can provide data directly to you. We include all the contact information you need as well as an IP Address, a Time & Date Stamp, the website URL and a Privacy Policy Version Number for every data record.

If you are managing the data in-house we have a Data Processor Agreement that warrants each party will be processing the data compliantly for GDPR. In addition, we provide a weekly suppression file that is available to download from our Data Management System.

Consumer Marketing Preferences

When a consumer makes an enquiry about the origination of their personal data or would like to opt-out, we give you access to direct them to an online marketing preference dashboard where individual consumers can manage their marketing preferences or contact us directly with a request about their personal data.

We have signed the ICO’s ‘Your Data Matters’ pledge and can be found on the Public Register. We have a registration with the ICO. We take the role of the custodian of the marketing data we manage very seriously and put the consumers rights at the forefront of the Products we build.