We enable Verification, Identification and Communication.

What we do

Data On Demand produces a range of consumer data identification & verification, insight and marketing solutions.

Our Fintrace product is a data solution used by CRAs, DCAs, large Data Bureaus and providers of IDV, KYC, AML, tracing, fraud prevention and asset repatriation services. Fintrace improves customer engagement, contact performance and collection success, reduces fraud and increase on boarding performance, as well as enabling businesses to meet their regulatory obligations.

IdVu enables users to identify emerging customer vulnerabilty and consumer credit risk by utilisting over 4,000,000 financial insights and 2,000,000 employment insights. IdVu helps to reduce further customer debt by highlighting debt events that can lead to delinquency.

Residence is a database of forward flow property information incorporating properties For Sale, SSTC, Land Registry and EPC updates. Residence enables companies to enhance their databases with Property Status Updates (PSUs) and Address Level Insights (ALIs) for marketing, customer retention and general data hygiene.

The marketing database solution, Continue, is a reseller solution allowing our Partners to utilise channel data in direct-to-consumer communications.

    Our Products & Solutions

  • FINTRACE | Data for identifying, verifying and contacting customers.
  • IdVu | Data for identifying emerging financial vulnerability and consumer credit risk.
  • RESIDENCE | Domestic property level insights and home mover information.
  • CONTINUE | Compliant third-party data for direct consumer marketing.

About Our Business

Data On Demand was established in 2016 by our current CEO, Stuart Murgatroyd.

Our team is made up of experienced individuals who have previously worked for some of the largest UK Credit Reference Agencies.

In November 2019 we introduced our Fintrace solution and it continues to be a top performing data product for Debt Purchasers and Debt Collection Agencies. In May 2020, we developed and introduced IdVu to the marketplace - a product which uses transactional information to identify consumers who are experiencing financial difficulty and may pose a credit risk to lenders.

We have been nominated for, and won, several awards as well as being accepted into the 2020/21 Natwest Fintech Accelerator cohort.

In March 2020, Data On Demand welcomed Mark Davison as their first Non-Exec Chairman. Mark was Callcredit's Chief Data Officer and was part of the Executive Team which oversaw transactions for £100m with Vitruvian in 2009, £400m with GTCR in 2014 and the final sale to Transunion for £1bn in 2018.

Working with us

Data On Demand are an agile, process led business who produce bespoke data solutions for our Clients. We work closely with individual stakeholders to ensure that our solutions are fit for purpose and enable the benefits that our customers require. We listen, understand, develop and refine our data solutions and continued to innovate with new products and solutions that add value for our Clients.