Property level insights for prospect acquisition, customer retention, and database cleansing.

Resdidence Property Level Insights

The Residence solution uses data to identify domestic properties which are on the market. Address level information pinpoints the stages of a home move, which identifies these events: New Instructions, Price Reductions, Withdrawn and Sold \ Let.

Events occur and are updated on a daily basis. The Residence API monitors the entire UK property market and identifies over 10,000 new residential properties which come to market every day For Sale or To Let.

Identifying people on the move allows businesses to target their customers with specific products at the right time, contact customers to retain the services they currently provide, and to refresh address level information to ensure data is accurate and up-to-date.

Residence helps increase customer retention by monitoring customer address data in real-time to provide alerts to companies who currently provide services such as broadband/ telephone, utilities and mortgages to occupants who may look to change their service provider when they move home.

29m Homes monitored in the UK

10,000+ Properties listed for Sale or Let every day

7,000 People moving out each day