Identify customers who you want to stay in touch with

What is FinTrace?

We see up to 40,000 new data records entered into our FinTrace database everyday.

We retain PersonID level histories. Each individual PersonID matches back to channel histories for Email, Mobile Phone, Landline and Home Address.

FinTrace can be used for Verification, Validation, Trace, Debt Collection, Fraud Prevention, Criminal Investigations and Database Enhancement.

By linking email addresses and telephone numbers our data allows you to identify people that have moved home or deceased. You can trace customers that have moved without a forwarding address to locate debtors or and identify customers with a new mobile telephone number to allow you to contact them again.

You can use our online service to enter individual searches or batch upload multiple searches to return immediate matches or set alerts for future matches.

Data On Demand’s Network Partners collect thousands of new consumer data records every day to allow real-time contact information updates.

Link new contact channels and addresses with UK consumers who may have moved or changed their phone number or email address.

Trace individuals you've lost contact with by updating contact details for telephone numbers, email addresses and home addresses.