Identify, Verify and Contact New and Existing Customers.

What is Fintrace?

Fintrace is a data solution for identifying, verifying and contacting Customers.

Fintrace enables users to identify, verify and contact more individuals.

With information for over 58m UK individuals the solution combines aggregated data to enable:

- Increased volumes of traceable individuals.

- Improved Customer engagement and collection success for DCAs.

- Enriched data validation for providers of IdV services.

- Enhanced modelling for affordability and vulnerability for CRAs.

Our Team works closely with your data experts to deliver bespoke solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

Fintrace is utilised by -

- Credit Reference Agencies
- Debt Purchasers & Debt Collection Agencies
- Large Data Bureaus
- Tracing Agencies
- Online Verification and Identification Solutions
- In-house Debt Collection & Recovery Departments

Debt Collection & Recoveries

Accurate data and updates create increased customer engagement, accelerate onboarding for trusted customers and reduce the risk of fraud. Data from Fintrace can be integrated into your existing trace and verification solutions to append new customer contact information and to increase confidence in the accuracy of your products and other data sources.

Link new contact channels and addresses with UK consumers who may have moved or changed their phone number or email address. Cleanse and refresh your database using Fintrace to identify goneaways and invalid telephone numbers to maximise your contact rates and the efficiency of your customer contact operations.

Trace individuals you have lost contact with by updating contact information with new telephone numbers, email addresses and home addresses. Fintrace uses APIs to acquire data in real-time, to enable you to update customer information as soon as it becomes available.