Solutions for Utilities:

Grow your PSR and meet expansion targets. PSR awareness is often an ongoing objective and outreach is usually focused on area demographics and broad stroke awareness campaigns.

Use actual customer data to identify individual households likely to be eligible for PSR support. Alongside this, access your customers preferred contact channels to let them know they’re likely eligible and where to sign up!

Targeted campaigns made and increased sign ups made easy.

Meet your regulatory obligations and ensure your current PSR is up-to-date. It’s vital that PSR customers receive the necessary comms in times of emergency. As such we have a duty to ensure that contact details are kept up to date and that we have an open line of communication with these customers. With access to our mobile, email and landline data, you can ensure these customers never miss an important message and that you keep your obligations to the regulator.

Fuel / Water Poverty identification. Work more efficiently with your partner organisations with insight on customers (and clusters of customers) likely to be experiencing water or fuel poverty. I&E insight, utility bill expenses, and other indicators of financial difficulty.

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