Over 46m UK Data Records for Consumer Marketing

What is continue?

Continue aggregates compliant marketing data for the purpose of direct to consumer advertising.

We enable companies to select data for direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns by post, email and telephone.

Increase Access to Data

Increase the volume of data you can access and the number of consumers you can contact to increase sales of your products.

Add More Marketing Channels

Match back to Continue using your existing data and add more marketing channels by appending data you don’t have like mobile numbers, landline telephones and email addresses.

Acquire Additional Insights

Match back to Continue using your existing data and improve your knowledge of your own customers by adding insights such as Gender, Age, Birthday, Property Price, Homeowner Status and more. Make your customer marketing more effective.

Identify Perfect Prospects

Continue contains hundreds of selectable variables to enable you to target individuals based on demographic, household and property information. Improve your prospect targeting and save wasted marketing budget.

Refresh & Update Your Database

Find new and additional customer contact information for new addresses, telephone numbers and emails so you can contact lapsed customers to win back their business.

Market More Intelligently

Continue increases your chances of selling more products to existing and prospect customers by enabling you to utilise all the available insights and contact methods to contact people about the right products and services, at the right time.