Build new marketing lists with GDPR consumer consent

What is collect

Access our Data Contribution Network of over one million unique UK consumers giving their consent for third party marketing every month.

Add your brand or company name, plus the products and services you offer to the Privacy Policies of our Network Partner websites.

Gather consent from all our data contributors and then select the individuals that fit your marketing campaign criteria.

Step 01

We add your company name or brand to the Network Partner’s Privacy Policy satisfying the requirement to name organisations and third parties who will be relying on consent.

Step 02

Privacy Policy Version Histories show the time and date your company information was added and we capture a screenshot showing the Privacy Notice wording. This enables us to satisfy the requirement to keep a record of when and how we got consent from the individual and keep a record of exactly what they were told at the time.

Step 03

Visitors to the Network Partner’s websites can choose to give consent for third party marketing. We ask people to positively opt-in. We do not use pre-ticked boxes. We specify why we want the data and what we’re going to do with it. We use clear, plain language that is easy to understand.

Step 04

People who give consent are given separate distinct (‘granular’) options to consent separately to different purposes and types of processing. We ensure that individuals can refuse to consent without detriment and we avoid making consent a precondition of the service.

Step 05

Data on Demand retain a copy of the date the company was added to the Privacy Notice for future reference.

Step 06

We make it clear that individuals can withdraw their consent at any time in the future.

Step 07

We collect the data that has given consent for third party marketing and run additional validation checks including PAF, TPS, MPS and disConnect.

Step 08

The data is supplied to our customers on a daily, weekly or monthly feed and you can choose to make further selections to include or exclude certain demographics, ages, genders, locations and other insights.