Enhance your database with marketing consents and insights

What is capture

To obtain marketing consent add your brand or company name to the Privacy Policies of our Network Partner’s websites.

Match your database of existing customers to the Network Partner’s customers and gather consent to continue to talk to those customers or prospects.

Choose to receive daily, weekly or monthly batched data files and continue focusing on your customer acquisition or retention strategy.

Match your database against our database and add valuable insights to learn more about your customers transactions, activity or behaviours.


Provide us with a copy of your database and we can identify any new data from the Network Partner websites that matches yours. Your company is listed in the Privacy Policy so now you have a valid opt-in to continue to talk to these existing or prospect customers.


Match your database against ours to identify and append valuable insights such as birthday, age, gender, homeowner status, marital status, number of children in the household plus social insights.