Identify Financially Vulnerable Customers

What is IdVu?

Identify 'At Risk' Customers

Sadly, the impact of COVID 19 will drastically affect UK employment rates and this will create many more financially vulnerable customers who are unable to make or keep up with consumer finance commitments and regular household bill payments.

IdVu highlights emerging consumer vulnerability by utilising data from millions of short-term, high cost loan applications to identify Debt Events from existing triggers or sudden changes in personal circumstances.

Applying insights from IdVu identifies Debt Events and enables a business to identify and address the risk within their customer base in order to take preventative action and to monitor customers to identify changing financial behaviour that can identify Debt Events.

Initial identification and then continued monitoring of Debt Events which lead to vulnerability are the key to reducing customer delinquency and over indebtedness.


Identify clusters of customers who are highly vulnerable right now.


Monitor customers to highlight changes that can cause higher vulnerability.

Predictive Information

Predictive information for Board Level Executives to make informed, strategic decisions.


Data to help prevent new customer debt or increasing customer debt.


Strategy to enable a customer-centric approach to create happy customers and fair treatment of vulnerable consumers.


Alerts to monitor changes in the status or behaviour of your customers who become vulnerable.