Recent, relevant consumer contact data means better connections and more sales

Call Centre Solutions

Outbound call centres can receive daily, weekly or monthly batched files of compliant third party consumer data.

Each data record has an opt-in date, unique URL attributed and a product description. The URL, opt-in date and product description can be used in the call script to engage with the customer and validate the reason you are calling.

Information collected using our Collect product allows you to quickly acquire large amounts of consumer telephone data with consent for your company to call.

Our Continue product allows you to instantly access a consumer database with over seven million mobile phone numbers and three million landlines to upload to your dialler for outbound calling.

Overlay other demographic or transactional insights such as age, gender, has a pension, is employed, income between, has children and location plus many other selections to refine your target market and increase conversions.

How it works