Tsunami of Pandemic Debt: The front line reality & how firms should be preparing

27 Oct, 2021

Presented by

Simon Gregory, David Nutchey, Kirk Fletcher & Stuart Murgatroyd (Hosted by Data on Demand)

About this talk
As we are constantly being told the pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on UK consumers and we are likely not to have seen the full impact. With changes to a number of government backed schemes such as Furlough, Payment Holidays and Universal Credit looming in the very near future we talk to a panel of Debt & Recoveries industry peers about their current experiences, what they expect to see and how firms should be preparing. Presenters • Simon Gregory – Data On Demand (host) • David Nutchey – Silicon Credit Management (panelist) • Kirk Fletcher – Connected Data (panelist) • Stuart Murgatroyd – Data On Demand (panelist)


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