Increasing debt recovery success for Just - The Enforcement Market Integrator

13 June 2022

Case Study, June 2022

Data On Demand help Just to increase match rates and portfolio liquidation through use of alternative consumer insights.


Customer Overview

Launched in 2019, Just offers clients a single route to use the private sector to help resolve problem debt through a network of debt recovery, litigation, and enforcement suppliers.

We focused early on technology and underpinned it with some of the most experienced debt resolution experts in the industry, ensuring that our clients benefit from massive benefits to buyers including bringing in new specialist suppliers and enhancing social value contributions.

“Data On Demand help Just to increase match rates and portfolio liquidation through use of alternative consumer insights.”


Evaluation Objectives

Just set out with the objective of understanding to what level alternative contact channel data sources could uplift their account resolutions in addition to their existing CRA partnership.


Evaluation Results


“We found the Data On Demand team great to work with and the results in terms of performance speak for themselves.

On one particular aged council tax portfolio, we had already obtained CRA data but wanted to explore the benefits of obtaining additional contact data from alternative sources specifically for our Compliance phase. We obtained a promising match rate of 20% against those that had also matched to the bureau and significantly uplifted contact channels.

The segments that were matched to both data sources are currently liquidating over 3x more than those without a DOD match, after just our initial Compliance phase.

Not only does this prove that the contact data provided by DOD improved our collection rates but also emphasised the need that certain customers within this demographic require longer-term payment plans to manage their financial commitments.”

Rebecca Hyland
Head of Data Strategy Analytics and Business Intelligence – Just

“We were really excited to work with the Just team as like ourselves they are a new kid on the block looking to do things differently to drive better customer outcomes. The synergy in terms of our objectives makes this an ideal partnership and we’re pleased to see our data perform again and provide significant value for a client in addition to their existing Data Partners.”

Simon Gregory
Sales Director – Data On Demand


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