IDVU solution used to help engage Vulnerable Customers in a new partnership whitepaper

25 April, 2023

Data on Demand’s IDVU solution used to help drive engagement with Vulnerable Customers in the recently published Interim Insights Paper:

‘How do we find and engage with the most in need?’

– A real-life study into defining and engaging with vulnerable people and homes in poverty: The Vulnerability Registration Service & Healthy Homes Solutions Initiative.

The Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) gives vulnerable people a single place to register their status, helping them avoid repeating the same difficult conversations every time they engage with organisations like lenders and creditors. It is a “Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee” whose aim is to help vulnerable consumers protect themselves against the financial, social and very personal hardship suffered as a result of debt and financial problems.

Healthy Homes Solutions Ltd (HHS) is an innovative initiative helping energy inefficient and vulnerable households improve their homes.

For the full paper please download here: HHS & VRS Interim Whitepaper

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