Having a flutter! Presenting IDVU to Sky Betting & Gaming in Leeds.

03 October 2022

Having a flutter!

Simon Gregory, Data On Demand‘s Sales Director and their CEO, Stuart Murgatroyd, talked about the IDVU solution for identifying vulnerable customers – presenting to over 50 of Flutter’s employees in the auditorium at their UK Head Office, in Leeds.

Flutter is the global sports betting, gaming and entertainment provider, operating some of the world’s most innovative, diverse and distinctive brands – including Sky Betting and Gaming (SBG).

IDVU is used by gaming operators for enhanced affordability and vulnerability checks and to identify people who should be excluded from direct marketing campaigns promoting gambling to lapsed or lost customers.

Data On Demand were talking to AlphaHub, at SBG, about excluding vulnerable customers from marketing.

IDVU allows gaming operators to identify customers who are financially stressed, allowing them to remove people from marketing campaigns who might be tempted back into gambling when they cannot afford to.

IDVU identifies individuals who are displaying characteristics of vulnerability using data from high-cost, short-term credit applications and the VRS (Vulnerability Registration Service). The combined data sets allow organisations to spot people who are struggling financially, which allows them to put actions in place that create positive consumer outcomes and prevent further harm.

You can view the full video here https://alphahub.tech/sbg-startup-spotlight-7th-july-2022/ and fast forward to 3:3o in to see Simon and Stuart at the SBG office, in Leeds.

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