Data on Demand and Connected Data agree data partnership

30 April, 2021

New technology company Connected Data and  Data On Demand have announced a partnership that aims to help organisations reduce and prevent debt, and treat customers fairly.

The partnership will enable Data On Demand’s consumer data sources to be combined with the latest business intelligence, analytics and artificial intelligence capability from Connected Data.

Simon Gregory, Sales Director at Data On Demand, said “Given the forecast rise in arrears levels and general consumer vulnerability we’ve seen a significant increase in the demand for alternative data sources. Businesses are having to adjust to operate in the ‘new normal’ and are finding that traditional data sources don’t provide the current insight they need to take meaningful action. Acquiring new, compliant data to improve performance is not always straightforward and we entered the market because we wanted to change this. We’re now helping businesses across multiple sectors to identify, verify, and contact customers to achieve fairer and more successful outcomes.’

“We saw how powerful Connected Data’s approach could be, instantly giving an organisation actionable insight across its debt management process. Combined with our data, organisations will be able to dramatically improve debt outcomes. With the country seeing levels of debt never seen before, our partnership with Connected Data will enable a better way of working and, in doing so, we can ensure people are treated fairly.”

Kirk Fletcher, CEO of Connected Data, said “The approach taken by Data on Demand – using unique data, customising the service to each business, providing accelerated access and minimising regulatory risk – has driven very positive results. Being able to plug that into our own unique capability that offers a faster, easier more effective approach than the market has seen before will see debt portfolios impacted positively.”

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