CSA Awards 2022 - 'Team Award' Winners

20 September, 2022

We won!

“The award is for a team which has excelled in providing high levels of service, quality and dedication, as well as demonstrating outstanding teamwork in the last 12 months – contributing to the wider success of their company and to the benefit of the customer.”

We’re a small team and it takes commitment, persistence and belief in your products and services to be successful in a marketplace that has been dominated by the same big businesses for decades.

The team at Data On Demand continues to work hard every day to deliver solutions with genuine benefits – adding value for consumers and a return on investment for our customers.

CSA Team Award Winners 2022
CSA Team Award Winners at the CSA UKCCC Gala Dinner 2022

Talk to one of our team today find out how FINTRACE can help you improve RPCs and successful payment outcomes for consumer debt collection and how IDVU can help you identify vulnerable customers. 


Congratulations Team DoD!

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