Property Insights

Residence Property Data Residence has over 400 individual property insights including: Property Value Last Sold Price Number of Rooms Green Energy User Type: Detached, Semi-Detached, Terrace, Bungalow Size Features Roof Type Energy Efficiency Rating Fuel Type Average Energy Cost Double Glazing Conservatory Extensions

Litigation & Legal Services

Debt Collection & Recoveries Fin.trace identifies Homeownership Status and Employment Status to assist with litigation. Combining data sources and information from loan applications and property portals we can identify when a customer’s property goes on the market for sale. You can act quickly and fast-track to a Charging Order to ensure recovery before the property […]

Contact Data

Contact Data Our Fintrace data solution enables debt purchasers and recovery departments to access over 58m UK consumer data records with more than 16m mobile telephone numbers, 15m email addresses and 15m landlines. We aggregate data from sources that demonstrate better outcomes than traditional Data Bureaus or Credit Reference Agencies and you will quickly achieve […]