Intelligent data solutions for Verification, Identification and Communication.

What we do

We enable our customers to verify, validate, identify, enrich and communicate.

Data On Demand aggregates exclusive data sources to create solutions that add insight, create engagement, uplift contact volumes and improve success.

We provide data for tracing, verification, marketing and enhancement.

With over 58m individual data records and a forward flow of up to 40,000 transactions every day, we capture valuable insights which allow our Customers to improve their services.

What we do

Our solutions enable our customers to connect with millions of individuals in the UK by utilising proprietary data solutions for identification, verification and communication.

Collect data for marketing campaigns, continue talking to your existing Customers, add insights to enhance your database and trace people you want to stay in touch with.

Utilise our products in Call Centres for outbound calling, for postal marketing campaigns, for email marketing and increase the number of new customers you acquire.

We’ve signed the ICO pledge to commit to supporting the personal data rights of individuals. Your Data Matters – we value the personal information entrusted to us.

Marketing, Tracing & Validation Solutions

Proprietary data and software solutions which offer compliant consumer marketing data and consumer trace data for verification, trace and debt collection.

Tracing, Collections & Recoveries

We significantly improve contact rates for DCAs and improve customer engagement and collection success. Our Fintrace solution is one of the best performing data sets for debt collection.

Identity Verification & Account Opening

Fintrace data feeds are utilised by SaaS and IDV service providers to enhance validation and reduce fraud. Additional information from Fintrace aids confidence in other data sources.

Consumer Marketing & Direct Advertising

Our marketing and insight data solutions are used by multiple Resellers to enhance their own solutions and offer more options to their own customers.